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Our Services By Divison

Curious about what we can do for you? Two Rivers Emergency Management has a host of services and solutions catered to your organization’s emergency management consulting and contracting needs. Whether you are looking for something simple or complex, we are sure to have what you are looking for.

Our Services are constantly evolving. If you do not see what you are looking for below, we still may be able to assist or point you in the right direction.

Prevention & Preparedness Division

Building a safer and more secure all-hazards process through planning, training, and exercising.
- Training/Exercise Design and Facilitation
- Emergency Planning
- Healthcare Preparedness
- School Safety Planning
- Continuity Planning
- Emergency Management Program Review
- Policy Development
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There when you need support to initiate plans and policies while restoring your essential services.
- Pre-position Contracting
- Contractor Management
- EOC Support
- Special Event Management
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Recovery & Mitigation

Shoring up your resiliency and recovery to disasters and strategically providing a more sustainable future.
- Mitigation Planning
- Grant Management
- FEMA Public Assistance
- Debris Management Planning
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"Most companies were about 1.5 times higher then Two Rivers Emergency Management and having used others before, I can say we were just as happy with this work product at a cheaper cost then a similar project done before with a more costly company."
- Johnson County, Iowa Emergency Management Agency

About Us

Two Rivers Emergency Management is an emergency management consulting and contracting with experience in local, county, state, tribal, federal, and private sectors. A Limited Liability Company filed with the State of Iowa and State of Texas, with additional foreign State registrations, Two Rivers Emergency Management provides experienced, knowledgeable, and reliable staff and vetted contractors/consultants to ensure, with our guidance and expertise, you’ll be better prepared for what comes your way.

How do we do this? Two Rivers Emergency Management understands every emergency management program deserves specialized services to meet their needs, regardless of size and budget constraints. So, in crafting your project needs, we start with a core set of time-tested emergency management principles, which provides the foundation of our services. Building on these principles, we use our forward-thinking tactics to take it up a notch by providing you with a personalized service, quality product, and collaborative team—for the long haul. Finally, in all we do, we work tirelessly to make sure if the rain does fall, you’ll be ready for it.


If all emergencies were the same, they’d be easy to predict and plan for. The reality, of course, is that each emergency/disaster is different. Disasters are full of unpredictable outcomes and unknown variables.

This is exactly why Two Rivers Emergency Management does things differently.

That doesn’t mean we’re re-inventing the wheel. We rely on a bedrock of strong emergency management principles. However, we believe there’s even more to be done, so we leave no stone unturned when it comes to your projects.

There’s nothing standard-issue about a disaster. Your project should be just as unique. Let’s talk about what that looks like.

"Given the limited time to complete the study, Two Rivers Emergency Management did an outstanding job and was easy to work with."
- Lee County, Iowa Emergency Management Agency

Our Staff

Two Rivers Emergency Management team members bring you the foundation of emergency management consulting/contracting with the facilitation you are looking for. We look to build lasting relationships while providing solutions that keep pace in today’s world.

To ensure we have the right team put together for your project we have come up with these nine (9) skills and behaviors, which make perspective and current staff valuable members of our team; Judgment, Communication, Impact, Curiosity, Selflessness, Honesty, Passion, Courage, and Innovation.

There is nothing standard about an emergency or disaster, neither should be your team or strategy in managing them.

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